The short answer is YES, it is possible to make a quality website without a website designer. In fact the potential for these website DIY platforms is limitless when it comes to website design and functional requirements.

Currently there is a misconception that using a website builder may produce a substandard website or something inferior to the standard of a website built by a website designer. This is simply not true.

The enchant website builder is breaking new ground in 2020, and is quickly changing this perception by producing beautiful, mobile-ready, website designs built by the customers' themselves.

You can either spend 10 minutes looking up a local website design company, and wondering whether they can meet your needs and your budget, or you can spend 10 minutes using enchant and know, with certainty, that you will love the final website design because it will be ready to go!

A quality website depends on several things:

  • A high-quality visual website design
  • Smooth website functionality
  • Being Mobile-ready
  • Having an excellent Technical Score

enchant is less than 1 year old and is already knocking all of these factors out of the park.

With enchant you can make a high-quality website design yourself. With our extensive library of stock photos and video, you won't need to collect material yourself if you don't have the time. Of course, it's easy to add your own images and video should you wish to.

Our templates range from single page websites, 3 page websites to 5 page websites and beyond. We have the template to suit your needs, and they are all high-quality. This fact is reflected in our User Statistics which shows that all of our websites are selected at a fairly similar proportion. This shows us that they are all in demand, being tailored in their design to meet the needs specific to a variety of businesses across many sectors.

All our high-quality templates, including video templates, are working and available on mobile devices. They can be viewed on your mobile phone immediately.

Your website functionality is already implemented within the website builder. If you need to list products, take enquiries, accept files or other common functions, enchant has you covered, and should you need any support, for any reason throughout the process, you can call us directly on 0800 122 090. Our support team will talk you through the process.

We have grown our business over the past seven years, and have helped many New Zealand businesses with our in-depth knowledge and hands-on approach. Now we are ready to extend that same expertise and skill-set to enable you to build an exceptional website using enchant.

Google's Chrome Browser uses a development tool called Lightbox to measure several metrics to evaluate the performance of websites. These measurements are for:

  • Technical Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Best Practices

You can evaluate any website using Lightbox by pressing F12 on Google Chrome and navigating to Lightbox.

You will see that all enchant websites score 98-100 for every factor. Our competitors' websites, including some high-end custom designed, pricey websites, score far below this. Their low scores mean you get a slower loading website which means a worse customer experience.

The conclusion is, you get a fast loading, sharp, smooth functioning website with enchant, right here in New Zealand, superior to the traditional website design process.

Want to see the difference when using enchant? Try it now: