Opening your first Ecommerce Store

Creating your eCommerce website is really easy with enchant. All it takes is a little motivation to get started and enchant does the hard work for you.

Will it look like all the other online shopping websites?

No. Making your ecommerce website through enchant will allow you to customise many aspects of the website including the colour scheme which will give a very distinct first impression. Customers that visit your website will also see images of your Products which often grabs their attention and raises their interest to purchase.

How easy is the enchant ecommerce website builder to use?

We have customers that have created their own online shopping websites from scratch using enchant. They had no previous web design skills and did not consider themselves overly creative yet they were able to make a high-quality online store for their business in under an hour. We think enchant is the best website builder for its ease of use and small learning curve.

Create your own ecommerce website with the enchant website builder today and see the difference!

Any questions? Call 0800 122 090 or email for free New Zealand support 24/7 to help you get started.

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