Business-grade Email Hosting

If you’ve just started your business then you’re going to need a professional looking email address to associate with your domain name.

At enchant websites we can offer you email hosting services.

We have a low-cost option which is a simple email forwarder – so you can have that professional email look on your website ( but it will simply forward it to your existing email address – meaning that you don’t have to change anything on your end!

The most popular option however, is our business-grade email plan. We don’t have a large list of complex features to overwhelm you. Our email hosting just works. You can synchronize your emails, contacts and calendar between your mobile device, laptop and home PC. You can have alias emails, such as which will all be delivered to your single email account, free of charge.

Example of a Single person Business Email Setup

Kelly Brown


This ensures that if anyone happens to use “sales” or “accounts” prefix that the emails will be delivered to Kelly rather than bouncing-back. It also has the added advantage of allowing a personalised reply from Kelly (with his first and last name) to all emails that are sent. This is all contained within one account making it an excellent choice for email hosting when you’re first starting out.

Example of a 3 Person Business Email Setup

Shelley Casey,

Martin Denver,

Rupert Gola,

This setup would require three different accounts and ensures separation and organisation of emails for all three individuals. Shelley and Martin can conduct sales activities together, with both needing access to incoming sales enquiries. While Rupert can manage accounts enquiries himself. Any general enquiries sent to the “info” alias will be received by all three people, so they can be kept up with the latest happenings in the business. This setup can be achieved with three email accounts which is again, excellent value for a 3 person organisation.

Email and calendar - syncing with all of your devices

All email accounts can be synchronized to multiple devices ensuring that many people could operate under a single account (e.g: without needing to purchase additional accounts. The primary reason for an additional account is for the separation of an individuals emails and the ability for an individual to reply with their full name.

In the above example, if Shelley were the sole owner, then she would also be able to add the email accounts for Martin and Rupert into her own Desktop Outlook client so she could also observe their individual emails.

From a technical perspective, our email hosting service is running the Microsoft Exchange protocol hosted by Amazon. This ensures a very high level of redundancy and email service availability. Beware of cheaper alternatives, we have horror stories from customers who went with IMAP and POP email accounts and soon found that they were not adaptive to their basic business needs – try synchronizing those across a mobile device or too – the unfortunate truth is that they will lose you calendar appointments, cost you time and make you endure frustration.

Thinking about getting email hosting? Enchant has you covered with a no nonsense, well priced email solution for the kiwi business that is starting out or growing. No matter your budget, we have you covered, and we’ll give you something quality to get off on the right track with your email hosting service.

Simple Email Forwarder - $10.00 (excl. GST) per month

Business Grade Email - $20.00 (excl. GST) per month per account – Strongly Recommended

Enquire now if you want Email Hosting with your enchant website! Call 0800 122 090 or email to get started.

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