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A video demonstation of the enchant website builder in action. Watch as we create a modern, mobile-ready website in just minutes.

An instructional video demonstrating how easy it is to create an enchant website, even in only 2 minutes!

Includes voice-over.


This is a short video showing you how to use enchant to make your first website.

First we select a logo, we save the logo.

We can select a Colour Scheme which will automatically load colours from the logo and suggest some that will be lighter on the eyes.

You can add a Welcome Message by clicking on it and typing in your Welcome Message and pressing 'Save'.

We add a Header Photo, which is just a small photo in the background of the header of the Home page, you will see it in just a moment. Save that photo.

We add Divider Text, which as per the guide on the right, it is just text that goes across the page as a Divider. Save the changes.

And finally the Contact Section Background, we're going to use a stock image library photo, we'll find one related to painting. Here is one that is appropriate. We'll save that.

We're ready to Publish the Website, which we can do by clicking this green button in the corner.

As you can see the publishing process has started and it will be publishing the website shortly.

Now it has finished, we will go to 'View Website' in the left-hand corner.

We've only whipped this up in a minute or two, but as you can see, it is missing a few things here and there but it is almost ready-to-go.

It will function as a very straight forward enquiry form for a painting business.

Now I will just quickly give you a glimpse of some of the other variables you can change down here - including links to Social Media, the Font and other things that you'd expect to be able to change.

and finally when you are happy with your website and you've published it again, you can select a plan that is appropriate for you.

Our plans are priced at around $40/month which is great value for your business.