Is enchant website builder New Zealand's new DIY trend?

The website designers at enchant websites certainly think so and the customers agree!

“We needed a solution to get online and found the Quick and Easy template for my website. It took me 15 minutes to make the website myself using enchant and most of the time was spent writing about my business. The cost is really cheap, I would recommend it.”

- Stacey Cornwell, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Having already developed a successful website design and development company in Auckland we knew what resources and strategic thought it took to pull together a high-quality website design in a reasonable time-frame. As our business expanded it became apparent that it would be increasingly difficult to maintain our high standard of website design production without innovating further.

Hence in 2017 we began to develop enchant. We knew from the outset that the best web technologies would change before we finished enchant, so we ensured that it will be flexible and upgradable to continue to provide our customer's the best - we will never lower our website design quality.

We also built the website builder technology to utilise the latest standards of website infrastructure offered by Amazon and other cloud computing technology providers. This decision was simple. What was also obvious to us was that by taking the time, money and effort to invest into enchant we would be able to help a very large number of New Zealand businessses.

Tell New Zealand businesses about the enchant website builder

How can we get the word out? We want to help as many businesses as possible - that is where you come in.

First, sign up and create your first website with enchant and then tell your friends and other business owners about it.

Whether you have just started out on your own as a trades contractor or whether you have been trading in business for over 20 years, it doesn't matter, you can benefit from using the enchant website builder to make a business website today.

Every business owner should create their own website.

We need to make a change. There is a perception that website builders are too difficult to use. Enchant is changing that.

No longer do you need to be a website design, graphics designer or have IT skills to build a website. Building a website with enchant is easy as pie.

If you can perform a Google search, send an email or write in a Word document then you are more than qualified to create a website yourself with enchant.

Every business owner should have a website

In the year 2021 there is no excuse not to have a website design online for your business.

The simple truth is that a website created with the enchant website builder will rank well on Google and attract leads and enquiries for your business.

Even if you want to ignore the website once it is online, that is far better than not creating a website in the first place, because search reputation takes time to gather, and you can leave the website to do that while you grow your business.

Try our website builder now to see the difference

Choose a template and build your first business website with the enchant right now!

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